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Emily's attendants
  • Samantha Passarinho, Matron Of Honor
    Sweet and nurturing, Sam and Emily have known each other for nearly twenty years, having attended grade school, junior high and high school together. After graduation from Neshaminy High School, Sam and Emily both followed their hearts - Sam headed to the beach to attend Salisbury University in Maryland and Emily went to the city to attend Drexel University in Philadelphia. Sam currently lives in Rockville, Maryland and is the proud mother of three-year-old Alexander and her beautiful newborn baby girl Natalie. Emily has always been grateful that no matter where they have lived, no matter what stage they are in their lives, the two are always able to reconnect and Emily is always able to get solid, grounded advice and support.
  • Julie Moore-Jones, Bridesmaid
    Bold and stylish, Julie and Emily met on the first day of law school in the Fall of 2005. And while sparks flew and a relationship built between them, Julie ended up marrying fellow student G.W. Jones instead. After graduation and having scored an incredible job opportunity with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Julie did her best single-white-female impression and landed a great apartment two floors below Emily & Tom's apartment in the same Dupont Circle apartment building. Gossip sessions and style ideas are just two floors away.
  • Joanna Hecht, Bridesmaid
    Wise beyond her years, Joanna met Emily while Emily was dating her brother Tom. Joanna graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT and relocated to DC. Insert your own in-law joke here if you want, but Emily is extraordinarily lucky to have such a brilliant and fun sister-in-law. While in DC, Joanna has worked tremendously hard at various international development non-profits and next year seeks to join the Peace Corps in sub-Saharan Africa. Emily counts on Joanna to be her socially and environmentally responsible conscience.
  • Staci Bender, Bridesmaid
    Courageous and energetic, Staci worked with Emily & Cassandra (introduced below) at Innovation Philadelphia. No thanks to Emily and all thanks to Staci & Cassandra that the organization didn't fold on their watch. Staci encouraged Emily to look at Pitt when she was considering law school, since Staci is also a Pitt Panther. For that (among innumerable other) pieces of advice and support, Emily will be forever grateful. Staci now leads an incredible and fulfilling life in Philadelphia. Emily always knows where to turn for someone who understands her, and if you are looking for a laugh and a smile, you will do no better than Staci's humor followed by her ear-splitting laugh.
  • Cassandra Oryl, Bridesmaid
    Creative and brilliant, Cass worked with Staci & Emily and together they have years worth of private jokes that the writers of the movie Office Space clearly got their inspiration from the cast of characters hired at the expense of Philadelphia's economic development. Cass is a brilliant public relations specialist and has vision and passion out the wazoo. This also, for the benefit of her business partner Staci and their new company Slice Communications. Emily could not be more proud to think of her friends' hard work and influence on the future of Philadelphia. Emily also loves that this trio is a walking joke and often fulfill the following: A brunette Jew, a red-head Catholic and a blond Protestant walk into a bar..
Thomas' attendants
  • Andrew Lukashunas, Groomsman
    Andrew’s place in Tom’s life had an inauspicious start to say the least. One day in the student lounge at Pitt Law, Tom was talking aloud about how he would like to visit his sister in Europe for spring break. One thing led to another and Andrew and Tom were on a plane to Amsterdam for spring break having hung out just a few times prior to purchasing their tickets and leaving. Over a shared love of The West Wing (which they quote constantly) and competing with each other for grades in International Law curricula at Pitt Law, Tom can easily point to Andrew’s influence over him for his current career path and his successes at Pitt Law. Andrew is the person Tom counts on most to be able to bounce ideas off of, play devil’s advocate to, look for guidance from. Four years after Andrew and Tom power-toured Amsterdam and bought fabulous shoes (that’s another story), they were travelling partners again to Iceland. It was only after a harrowing ordeal on a train from DC to Wilmington to NYC, a subway ride in rush hour from NYC to JFK, a volcano erupting, and lines of Europeans stranded and staying at their hotel, did Tom tell Andrew he was thinking of proposing to Emily. Because both Andrew and Tom are judgmental, harbor grudges and possess stubborn self-righteousness, they have had their times when they haven’t seen eye-to-eye. However, if you searched the Google gChat archives, you would surely find millions of lines of chat between the two. Tom considers Andrew one of his best friends, if not for Andrew’s character, but for the fact that once while shopping Andrew surreptitiously purchased a blazer out from under Tom, and for that Tom seeks vengeance -or it could just be that he’s a great guy. Andrew currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Samuel Lucci IV, Groomsman
    Sammy has been there for the majority of Tom's life as his sports mentor and the person who taught him how to use power tools, install cabinetry, and hang crown molding. As a child, Tom would spend summers in Center Township, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh, and although Sammy was older and was doing his own thing, he would always make time to take his younger cousin to the movies, to Pirates games, to Pitt games and tailgates, and to work with him installing kitchens and bathrooms – sometimes into the middle of the night in weird Western Pennsylvania towns. When Sammy met his wife Melissa, he asked Tom to be his best man. As Tom had spent his life looking up to Sammy and emulating his personality and affinity with sports, this request was a tremendous honor in Tom’s life. When Tom attended Pitt Law, Sammy and Tom played on the same softball teams and spent considerable time together over the 3 years Tom lived in Pittsburgh famously celebrating the ’06 midterm elections at Tom’s house in Morningside. Tom has always looked up to Sammy and enjoyed spirited discussions about sports and politics and could not be more fulfilled from having his cousin as one of his best friends. Sammy currently resides in Moon Twp., Pennsylvania
  • Nathan Ruger, Groomsman
    Nathan, as a Philadelphia sports fan, and Tom, as a Pittsburgh sports fan, probably shouldn’t get along. Without their shared love of hockey, history, and beer, they might not be able to get past the heated rivalry between the cities’ sports franchises. Early in Emily and Tom’s time dating, they were in Emily’s parents’ house in Levittown, PA and Nate and Tom spent most of the evening talking about hockey and Nate’s work with WW2 veterans. Tom can point to that evening as the beginning of their friendship. Cementing it even more, was Nate’s help and assistance in planning and surprising Emily when Tom proposed in Pittsburgh. Tom considers Nate as his brother and constantly praises Nate’s work ethic and touts his experiences working several jobs, attending grad school, and becoming a home owner in Pittsburgh. Tom is very lucky to have such a fun brother-in-law. Nate currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Gabriel Morgan, Groomsman
    Gabe wasn’t Tom’s assigned college roommate, but he certainly was the best. After meeting through a mutual friend who knew Gabe (ostensibly through some secret Ethan Allen Green Mountain society at Quinnipiac), Gabe and Tom became fast friends. After one evening of bar hopping in New Haven and someone suggesting they looked like brothers, Gabe and Tom decided to live together for their sophomore and junior years. Along with a cast of characters, their suite always had great parties and more creative mixes of "jungle juice." Although they did not live together senior year when everyone moved off campus, they reunited in the dorms for Senior Week, taking the same room they shared two years prior – Perlroth 170. Although they do not see each other as much, Gabe and Tom make annual trips to Boston or DC to grab a few beers and catch up. Gabe is the type of friend in Tom’s life who would drop anything to be there for his friends. Tom looks to Gabe as a grounding influence and someone he can talk to about most anything in his life. Gabe currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Lawrence Tantay, Groomsman
    Larry is Tom’s childhood friend. They met at the corner of Greenhill Road and Hillside Terrace and rode the same bus to elementary school for 5 years, and in high school for 3, until Tom got his license. Tom often drove Larry to school, but Larry liked to sleep and sometimes would barely make it to homeroom so Tom would go it alone in his blue Nissan Altima. Larry has been Tom’s inspiration for courage and being comfortable in your own skin. Larry encouraged Tom to join choir and to be in the musicals and plays in high school. Through acting and Larry’s constant support and friendship, Tom found his courage to be unapologetic about things he loved – regardless of how unpopular it was to be in a play in high school in the 90s. Larry continues to be Tom’s inspiration today as he counsels youths dealing with AIDs and LBGT issues and advocates for stronger HIV/AIDs treatment and counseling programs. Though they do not see each other as often as they would like, Larry and Tom can easily walk into a room together and pick up where they left off when they last spent time together. Larry continues to be one of Tom’s best friends. Larry currently resides in New York, NY.
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